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Cerclo Genealogico e Storico Champanellois

Associazione "Legge 1901" di Saint-Genès-Champanelle, 63 , Francia

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Some words from the President

Some years ago when I sittled with my family in the village, I started being interested by its history and I was surprised to notice that no monograph had been done about it..

Nevertheless we all know that our villages have undergone many rich events, the traces of wich can still be seen here and there.

Up to now nobody has ever taken the decision to undertake a precise research, the result of wich would be to keep alive the cultural and ethnographical patrimony of our place.

The aim of this new association is to collect as many as possible historical and genealogical data to satisfy the future "champanelloises" generations'curiosity.

"A whole library follows an old man to his grave."

Recently an old lady from Pardon told me : "When I was young I knew that my elders could give me any information about the village. Unfortunatly I never thought of writing down all these stories. They are no longer alive and I wish I had kept all their precious memories."

I hope that a lot of "Champanelloises" and "Champanellois" will feel concerned and by accepting to put together on our website all the information you can get, we will present our precious patrimony from going to shreds and disappearing..

the President,


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