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Circle Genealogic and Historic Champanellois

Association "Law 1901" of Saint-Genès-Champanelle, 63 , France

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Ancient Postcards [ 153 reproduced views ]

Following our research, here the assesment to which we arrived at the 28/04/2003

numerical classification decreasing of the villages

  village   listed postcards  
  Theix   at least 80  
  Laschamps   at least 49  
  Manson   at least 29  
  Saint-Genès Bourg   25  
  Fontfreyde   16  
  Berzet   6  
  Beaune-le-Chaud   5  
  Pardon   2  
  Chatrat   2  
  Champeaux   1 only  
  Nadaillat   1 only  
  Thèdes   none  
  TOTAL   at least 212  

The most famous village in old postcards is the one of Theix from the presence of the castle and the restaurants. The Gordon-Benett Cup received a detailed attention at Laschamps. Other villages, on the other hand, at all did not inspire the photographers, Thèdes which to date one did not know a postcard relating it. Manson casudes about fifteen ancient postcards having for subject the Saint-André home,
vacation camp of the parish of Saint-Genès-des-Carmes of Clermont-Ferrand.

Series of numbered charts

"l'Auvergne pittoresque",

101   Vaches au pâturage
101   Cows with the pasture
475   Environs de Clermont-Ferrand. - Lavoir à Fontfreyde
475   Surroundings of Clermont-Ferrand. - Wash-house at Fontfreyde
499   Le village de Fontfreyde et le Puy de Dôme
499   The village of Fontfreyde and Puy de Dôme
502   Environs de Clermont-Ferrand. - Le Tunnel de la Cassière
502   Surroundings of Clermont-Ferrand. - The Tunnel of Cassière
700   Le plateau de Laschamp et le puy de Montchier
700   The plate of Laschamp and puy de Montchier
876   Entrée du village de THEIX
876   Entrance of the village of THEIX
1068   NADAILLAT. - Vue générale
1068   NADAILLAT. - General view
1077   Le lac de la CASSIERE et le Tunnel
1077   Lake of LA CASSIERE and the Tunnel
2191   Le Village de THEIX. - Route du Mont-Dore et Pavillon de Pisciculture
2191   The Village of THEIX. - Road of Mont-Dore and detached house of Pisciculture (fish breeding)
2192   THEIX. - Une Place
2192   THEIX. - A Place
2275   Domaine de THEIX. - Etablissement de Pisciculture. Le Laboratoire
2275   Field of THEIX. - Establishment of Pisciculture (fish breeding). The Laboratory
2282   FONTFREYDE - Vue générale et le Puy de Dôme
2282   FONTFREYDE - General view and Puy de Dôme
2283   FONTFREYDE - Pierres de Roux, la Chadeire
2283   FONTFREYDE - Stones of "Roux", "la Chadeire"
2288   Domaine de THEIX - Le Château et l'Etang
2288   Field of THEIX - The castle and the pond
2289   FONTFREYDE - Carrière de lave
2289   FONTFREYDE - Carreer of lava
2650   CHATEAU DE THEIX - Les Bassins étagés
2650   CASTLE OF THEIX - Staged basins
2651   CHATEAU DE THEIX - Le parc
2651   CASTLE OF THEIX - The park
2753   CHATEAU DE THEIX - Les Bassins étagés
2753   CASTLE OF THEIX - Staged basins
2754   CHATEAU DE THEIX - Le parc
2754   CASTLE OF THEIX - The park

Field of the castle of Theix,

2177   Domaine de THEIX. - Façade du château
2177   Field of THEIX. - Frontage of the castle
2180   Domaine de THEIX. - Le Grand Etang
2180   Field of THEIX. - The Large Pond
2181   Domaine de THEIX. - Le château
2181   Field of THEIX. - The castle
2186   Domaine de THEIX.- Pavillon de la Pisciculture
2186   Field of THEIX. - House of Pisciculture (fish breeding)
2187   Domaine de THEIX. - Le château
2187   Field of THEIX. - The castle

last update on August 8, 2005

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listed crosses 59
old postcards of the commune 153
old postcards except commune 47
old postcards of Puy de Dôme 118
associations listed on the commune 186
Gordon-Bennett Cup 74


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