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Circle Genealogic and Historic Champanellois

Association "Law 1901" of Saint-Genès-Champanelle, 63 , France

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History of associations of the commune of type "law 1901"

The investigation which follows, aims above all, to pay homage to Champanelloises
and Champanellois, which voluntarily, through the creation of their associations,
sougt to animate the comunal life and to facilitate blooming
their fellow-citizens. Some of them already left us,
always let us keep a small thought of thanks for them.

  To date, (16/07/2019), 186 associations could be referred like having or
having had their registered office on the comune of Saint-Genès-Champanelle.
Some were dissolved, others on sleep, the majority continues their activity.
  You cannot freely consult the files of the associations declared at the office
of the Associations, at the Sous-Prefecture of Puy-de-Dôme at Riom,
because of the new European RGPD.
  The law of 16 August 1901, published into the Journal Officiel of 08/17/1901, authorizes any citizen to consult the file of an association Law 1901 deposited in prefecture.

The file of a declared association includes at least the declaration of constitution, the copy of the Journal Officiel, the statutes and the possible later modifications of the offices or Conseil of Administration of the association. You cannot obtain original photocopy of all the documents, the only condition being of regulating the expenses of reproduction.

  If you created an association which does not appear in this list and if you wish to make there appear, thank you to annouceitto us by electronic mail.

One notes through the reading of this table that the first associations listed on the commune are companies of hunting, which appear into 1945 of continuation after the Second World War followed closely by the Friendly Layman and the ADAS which were pionere associations as regards leisures.


Assessment of creations or intallations

One can see during the period going from 1968 to 1975, the was very few creation
of associations of type law 1901, with the more one per annum
but that since 1977, there is one accelaration with a top of 5 creations in 1985.
Then, a slowing down come because no creation into 92-93br but that sets out again into 94 in way rather constant.

Diagram of the categories of associations at 12/22/2001

Classissification by categories  
One notices that the dominante category is that of associations of sports, followed
closely by that of associations of leisures. What prove the vitality of our population
who is certainly catalysed by the formidable natural environment of our commune.

Diagram of the professional origins of the presidents of association to the 12/22/2001

Professions of the Presidents


The employed and the teachers arrive at the head of the list of the creators of association at Saint-Genès-Champanelle.

Kind of the founders of association to the 04/26/2005

Sur 118 présidents connus au 26/04/2005, 25 sont de genre féminin ce qui représente une proportion de 21 %, soit à peine plus d'une sur cinq.
Il a fallu attendre 35 ans après la création de la première association en 1942 par un homme, pour qu'enfin une femme en soit la fondatrice.

Diagram of cumulated creations of association

The curve of progression higtlights an acceleration in 76/77, a stagnation in 91/93.
A durable recovery seems to start in 1994.

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listed crosses 59
old postcards of the commune 153
old postcards except commune 47
old postcards of Puy de Dôme 118
associations listed on the commune 186
Gordon Bennett Cup 74


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