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Circle Genealogic and Historic Champanellois

Association "Law 1901" of Saint-Genès-Champanelle, 63 , France

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Views of the crosses of the commune

Five of them, disappeared. One of them, the Parla cross was on the road of Beaune to Laschamps. It was reported to us that at the time of work of widening of the road, it was infortunatly damaged.

The name of this cross, seems is a mystery, some think perhaps, in the beginning, it was possible tohear the voices of people being at a particular place or a certain distance of this cross.

Two others, formerly in Theix, are not visible any more including one on the road of Nadaillat called "cross of Saint-Jean", the other without name was at the crossroad at the western exit of the borough.

One other indicated on the topographic maps on small puy of Manson does not exist any more.

One last, located at the limit of Nadaillat and Chadrat (Orcines) known as "of portera" also disapeared.


The cross, formely located at the crossroads close to the cemetery of Fontfreyde, was moved at the exit of Fontfreyde on the road of Beaune-le-chaud. It would be known "cross of deaths".

The cross "de la garde" of Nadaillat which was in a very bad condition, will be replaced by a new cross out of identical wooden by an inhabitant of Nadaillat.

It should be noted that the metal cross located close to the cemetery of Theix is very damaged for its metal part which is brocken in several pieces.

A stone cross with christ can be admired in the cemetery of Theix, it seems rather ancient and the very remarkable character. (on the right while entering the cemetery).

Number of crosses by villages [according to the topographic maps of IGN and our statements on the ground]

  villages   number of crosses   villages   number of crosses  
  Beaune   6   Manson   12  
  Berzet   2   Nadaillat   7  
  Champeaux   1   Pardon   1  
  Chatrat   4   Saint-Genès borough   6  
  Fontfreyde   3   Thèdes   2  
  Laschamps   10   Theix   4  

That is to say a total of 58 crosses. [at the 18/09/2003]

Cross overlooking a menhir located in Villars, commune of Orcines, north of Manson.


Monsieur Jacques BAUDOIN,

in his encyclopaedic work intitled "Les croix du Massif-Central"

appeared to the editions Créer, 63340 Nonette, in 1989,

this nomenclature established which, seems sto me it, can only be used as reference to each one.

A cross of christianization
B cross of the worship of the dead persons
C cross of procession
D cross of pilgrimage
E cross of demarcations
F cross of justice
G cross of missions

detail of the categories suuggested by Jacques BAUDOIN


cross of ways
croiss of crossroads
cross of places
cross of bridges
crossof tops
cross of collars
cross of fountains or well
cross of megaliths
cross of the trees
cross of churches or houses


cross of cemeteries
lantern of dead persons
cross fo epidemic
cross of cloisters
covered crosses
cross of commemmoration
C cross "des Rameaux"
cross of Rogations
cross of blessed Sacrement
crosses dedicated to the worshipof the saints
ways of cross

Each of you will gradually be able to
measure of his walks and his meetings with our
old crosses, venerable witnesses of the past,
try to attach them to one or other of these categories
depending on their location, their material (stone, wood or
metal) or their shape which could be :

on stele
en racket
with the untied arms
in tau
with double cross-piece...

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listed crosses 59
old postcards of the commune 153
old postcards except commune 47
old postcards of Puy de Dôme 118
associations listed on the commune 186
Gordon-Bennett Cup 74


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