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Circle Genealogic and Historic Champanellois

Association "Law 1901" of Saint-Genès-Champanelle, 63 , France

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Verbal lawsuits reporting the deputy nomination of the commune of Saint-Genès-Champanelle

villages of Manson, Thedes, Champeau, Berze and St Genest Champanelle

The statements of the 5 villages referred to above, are composed of four layers which you will find hereafter.

1st layer   2nd layer
3rd layer   4th layer

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Of this official report established by Mr. Cohendy royal notary , we can extract a quantity
of informations. The first mentioned is the name of the "Syndic" of the time [the burgomaster, undoubtedly], one named Claude Astier.
The following data is the number of fires mentioned for each village :

Manson 42 fires

Thedes 15 fires

Champeau 4 fires

Berze 27 fires

St genest champanelle 3 fires

Beaune 42 fires

Chatras 22 fires

Parredon 17 fires

These indications allow us for 1789, a demographic classification of the importance of
quoted villages. [it misses Laschamps and Nadaillat which formed part of other parishes,
curiously, the villages of Fontfreyde and Theix are not quoted in this document. Their inhabitants
having perhaps sent their own deputies in Clermont-Ferrand or proximity of the castle of
lord of the time had dissuaded them to make the step which the other villages achieved]
The total of fires was indicated in margin by the notary is a number of 91 fires.
Idications are given to us on the orthography of the names of the villages and one can
to compare the possible evolutions :
Chatras/Chatrat, Berze/Berzet, Parredon/Pardon, Thedes/Thèdes, St Genest/St Genès.
Champanelle had already its orthography of today.
A notice is essential as for the people signatories of the document, they are only men !
The women, at that time did not have apparently a say and the voting rights female
were not yet on the agenda.
On the third layer appears the name of the deputies chosen by vote of the village assembly :
they are thus the "sieurs" Michel COHADE and Claude ASTIER who will bring as they have promised it the registers of grievances in Clermont the 16 of Marchs 1789 to the Seneschal of this city.
To note the presence of two witnesses, certainly necessary by the notary in order to draw up a report
completly authentic, first is Gilbert VERDIER, in the capacity of as middle-class of Pagnat
and the second Louis Denis COMBRE, carpenter, originating in Chilly en Isle de France, both
present for unknown reasons on the commune.

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listed crosses 59
old postcards of the commune 153
old postcards except commune 47
old postcards of Puy de Dôme 118
associations listed on the commune 186
Gordon Bennett Cup 74


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