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Circle Genealogic and Historic Champanellois

Association "Law 1901" of Saint-Genès-Champanelle, 63 , France

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The first names Genès and Geneix

An indicating of the emotional distance village/commune which one can choose in a completly arbitrary way,
is the frequency of the first names Genès and Geneix alloted to the children born in the villages.

One can establish the following classification starting from the seizure of the registers of the births between 1830 and 1900 :

of the first
20 first names

On the whole of the commune :

The Geneix first name is at the 8th rank

with 65 appearances.

The Genès is at the 10th rank

with 34 appearances.

The sum of both [99] made go up

the first name, all confused orthographies,

with the 5th rank of the male first names.

Analyze by villages

village Genès




les 2

rang/nb de naissances

Beaune 2/13th 9/7th 5th for 192 0,005729
Berzet 4/3th 3/6th 4th for 95 0,073684
Champeaux 1/4th 0 4th for 18 0,055555
Chatrat 6/4th 5/5th 1st for 59 0,186440
Fontfreyde 10/7th 14/5th 3th for 270 0,088888
Laschamps 0 0 0 pour 172 0
Manson 7/6th 9/5th 3th for 181 0,080397
Nadaillat 1/20th 3/13th 12th for 225 0,017777
Pardon 1/11th 0 11th for 58 0,017241
Saint-Genès borough 1/3th 1/3th 1st ex-aequo for 15 0,133333
Thèdes 1/10th 2/90th 6th for 57 0,052631
Theix 0 1/14th 14th for 102 0,009803

One first notice that in Laschamps, on 172 births,

no boy was fore-mentionned Genès or Geneix.

In Champeaux and Pardon, none is fore-mentionned Geneix.

In Theix, it is Genès which was never selected.

In numbers cumulated, it is Chatrat which had the best preference for these first names.

Graph of the frequencies of the cumulated appearances of the first names Geneix and Genès

Conclusion : in fact the villages geographically closest to the borough of Saint-Genès have

the more used the first names Genès and Geneix except Manson and Pardon

who do not comply with this rule. Laschamps never used these first names between 1830 and 1900.

History of the appearances of the two first names

This graph reveals the la disaffection which appears at the end of 19th century for the first names Genès
and Geneix whereas at the beginning of this century, they seemed relatively snuffed by the inhabitants of Saint-Genès-Champanelle.

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listed crosses 59
old postcards of the commune 153
old postcards except commune 47
old postcards of Puy de Dôme 118
associations listed on the commune 186
Gordon-Bennett Cup 74


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