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Circle Genealogic and Historic Champanellois

Association "Law 1901" of Saint-Genès-Champanelle, 63 , France

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History of the village of Manson

MANSON, village., commune de Saint-Genès-Champanelle.

- L'église. Ce ne fut, d'abord, qu'une chapelle que l'abbaye de Saint-Allyre, à Clermont, permit d'élever en 1693 ; mais, en 1803, à l'organisation des paroisses du diocèse, elle devint église succursale, pour Manson, Thède et Champeaux. L'ancienne chapelle fut démolie et remplacée par une autre que 1'évêque de Clermont bénit le 12 novembre 1839. L'abbaye de Saint-André de Clermont levait la dîme à Manson dès 1558 ; elle la percevait encore en 1789.,

- Le 18 janvier 1873, on a trouvé, à Manson, diverses antiquités gallo-romaines déposées au musée de Clermont.

V. Arch. départ. du Puy-de-Dôme, abbaye de Saint-Alyre. - Mémoires de l'Académie de Clermont-Ferrand, année 1873, p. 43.

extract of Grand dictionnaire historique du département du Puy-de-Dôme of Ambroise TARDIEU, 1877.

Treasure of Manson

On January 12, 1873, a shepperd named Jean TOURNEL saw in a way of some copper pieces. He dug and collected more than 100 objects which were acquired by Museum BARGOIN of Clermont-Ferrand .

The "material" (archaeological term) is consisted of the following objects :

One estimates that they date from the age of the bronze or the 1st age of iron (either approximately 750 years before J.C.).

These objects are in exposure to museum BARGOIN in a show case at the ground floor.

[ to page of the report of Dr. Jean Baptiste BOUILLET, about the treasure of Manson ]

The vault of Saint-Aubin

Above the plain of Laschamps, a little far of the road of Manson, in the middle of the "sectionnaux" of Manson, is a vault dedicated to Saint-Aubin. One knows few things about this saint. He was druide named GWENN which means "white" in celt language. Converted to the christian religion, he changes his name into ALBUS, "white" in latin, which by deformation became AUBIN. He was, says one, bishop.

The source of the vault , said de Chaban, according the belief, is supposed to have vertues of cure for the ocular deseases from where the old proverb : "Saint-Aubin, gives or removes the sight" bus for the happy ones, he cured them their evils and for the brigands who tried to plunder the offerings of the vault, those found blind men tell us the legend to the moment when they crossed the limits of the village; they recovered the sight only after force of penitence.

[data collected at the vault one day of high wind.]

The current vault was built in 1953 to a hundred meters of the old vault.

Its inauguration took place in août 1954.

Near this vault is located a water trough with several vats at the end of which was installed in 1954 a sheep bath-tub in order to more easily treat them against the parasitic deseases.

* [ view of the vault dedicated to Saint-Aubin ] *

Home Saint-André

This property was used formerly as vacation camp for the children clermontois of the parish of "Clos des Carmes".

It is located near the old school of Manson.

It exists at least 13 old postcards showing scenes of life being held in the property.

[ see postcards of home Saint-André ]

Compete with...

Formerly, 2 newspapers disputed the same customers auvergnate.

It remains us as witness of it, these 2 billboards which finished by being absorbed by the ash on which they were placed at the southern entry of Manson.

"La liberté" (the freedom) protested : "Mieux informé" (better informed).

"La Montagne" (the mountain) answered) : "Ecris pour tous, lu par tous" (write for all, read by all).

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