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Circle Genealogic and Historic Champanellois

Association "Law 1901" of Saint-Genès-Champanelle, 63 , France

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The broom with brushes

This shrub under our climate montain, starting from 600 m of altitude, seldom reached a height of more than 1.50 meters. It is resplendent at the end of spring by its bright yellow éclatant in our mountains.

Name of broom with brushes ome from owing to the fact that with its branches, one manufactured cheap brushes formerly !

latin name : sarothamnus scoparius

family : papilionacés, (whose aspect of the corolla points out the wings of a butterfly and composed of 5 petals and whose fruit is a pod), order of the leguminous one. Others plants of this family : pea, beans, alfalfa, clover, robinier, groundnut.

leaves : either simple, or made of 3 leaflets.

flowers : of an intense yellow, appear in May and June in hight mountain.

Composed of 5 short cheesecloths and 5 long cheesecloths as well as long style. Cheesecloths behave as small springs which explod at the time of the first contact with insects gathering pollen, releasing their pollen which then will be fixed on the insects which will transfer it on other brooms, to fertilize them.

fruits : they are pods black, long, punts and hairy. They open with the heat of summer by emmitting a sharp snap.

branches : greens, provided with 5 longitudinal coasts.

preferred habitat préféré : grounds not-limestones (the broom isknown as "calcifuge"), sandy (siliceous), country of moors (Britanny...).


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Once, there was a flourishing trade of sale of broom with brushes which were sold, when dry, to bakeries of Clermont-Ferrand. One thus saw every morning, of the carts brooms to go down to the city to supply the baker's ovens.
This trade was the privilege of the village of Laschamps because no share elsewhere in the commune, one found brooms.
A night, at one favorable time, the others inhabitants, jealous of this advantage laschampoix, did one
descent regulates some in the plain of Laschamps, recovered seeds which they scattered then
in all the other villages. And for this day, one has found brooms with the four corners of the commune
at the time of his wlaks and Laschampoix lost the monopoly which they had preserved so a long time...

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