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History of the village of Theix

THEIX, village, commune de Saint-Genès-Champannelle. teix, 1687, 1789.

- Epoque celtique. Dans le parc du château, une pierre mouvante est connue sous le nom de pierre branlante.

- La cure était à la nomination du chapitre de Saint-Genès de Clermont avant 1789. Saint Genès était, alors, le patron de la paroisse.

-Seigneurs. Pierre de Cisternes, seigneur du Theix, Vinzelles, Fontfreyde, Nadaillat, Malsaigne, élu en l'élection de Clermont, mourut le 3 février 1663, laissant de Marie Vachier, sa femme: Etienne de Cisternes, écuyer, seigneur de Theix, Vinzelles, Banssat, Nadaillat, Plaisance, Fontfreyde, président la cour des aides de Clermont en 1667, marié à Françoise de Ribeyre , dont Pierre, chevalier, baron de Theix, seigneur de Vinzelles, Banssat , Nadaillat, Fontfreyde, Bacon, Bonnac, né à Clermont en 1660, mort dans cette ville en 1733, président à la cour des aides de cette ville en 1690, marié à Henriette-Élisabeth Le Verrier , dont: Nicolas-François, chevalier, baron de Theix, seigneur de Vinzelles, Frontfreyde, Nadaillat, né en 1703, reçu président à la cour des aide de Clermont en 1731, marié en 1736, à Perette Rollet de Lauriat; il mourut sans enfants en 1754. Sa soeur Marie épousa, en 1719, JeanFrançois Dauphin, chevalier, seigneur de Leyval, Montrodès, procureur-général à la cour des aides de Clermont ; après la mort de son frère, elle hérita de la terre de Theix. dont elle fit donation à sa fille Marguerite Dauphin de Montrodès, mariée à Pierre-Gilbert-Philippe de Veyny d'Arbouse, marquis de Villemont, page du roi en sa grande écurie, bailli de Montpensier; celui-ci était seigneur de Theix en 1789. M. Franc Chauvassaignes, conseiller général du Puy-de-Dôme, est le propriétaire actuel du château de Theix.

- Biographie. Champfort (Sébastien-Roch-Nicolas), littérateur, né au château de Theix en 1711, fils naturel de Mme Dauphin de Montrodès, dame de Theix, et de M. Nicolas, chanoine de la cathédrale de Clermont, reçu membre de l'Académie française en 1781, fut le secrétaire de Mme Elisabeth, bibliothécaire de la bibliothèque nationale en 1792. II se suicida à Paris en 1794. Ses oeuvres (comédies, tragédies, pensées) ont été réunies plusieurs fois. La meilleure édition est celle de 1884-1825, 5 vol. in-8°.

V. Hist. de 1a ville de Clermont-Ferrand, par A. Tardieu, t. II, p 214, 215, généalogie de la maison Cisternes.

-Chabrol, Cout. d'Auvergne, t. iv, p. 823.

-Calendrier d'Auvergne, 1762.

- Noms féodaux, par dom Bettencourt.

extract of Grand dictionnaire historique du département du Puy-de-Dôme of Ambroise TARDIEU, 1877.

The field of the castle of Theix

One of the owners of the castle had installed on the property a pisciculture intented for the alevin breeding.

view of
the house

This house is occupied today by a dispensary of pharmacy. One sees on the photograph behind thegrid in bottom onthe right the shed where the basins of breeding of alevins were located.

* [ see the old postcards of Theix ] *

The electric factory

The owner of the castle had made build "an electricfactory" which produced electricity thanks to two turbines with water supplied by the ponds of the castle. He had granted the privilege tohis employees living Theix, to use a bulb to light, which made of Theix the first village of Auvergne have electricity, non-existent equipment in the countryside at this time.

* [ see the page devoted to the electric factory ] *

The telegraph of Theix

 A birth certificate on November 20, 1861, teaches us the birth of a girl named Marie whose father Claude Jean FRETY, 34 years, is at the time supervisor of the telegraph of Clermont-Ferrand with Ussel. Her mother named TOURRY Anne and she is 22 years old whenshe is confined of her child.

The telegraph thuis had a supervisor with Theix along the national road 89. Others supervisors, with regular intervals were to probably take care of the correct operation of this tool of communication.



The menhir of Theix

A few people knows the existence of this megalith which rests lengthened close the entry of the cemetery of Theix. It consists of pozzolana which is a stone far from dense whereas the other menhirs of the departement are done evrything of granit or basalt. One can notice three christian cosses engraved which tends to make suppose that one has to try to christianyse it. They are students in history come from Clermont-Ferrand, at the end of the 19th century, which recalled to the inhabitants of Theix its presence which had been almost lost. They had found the trace of this monument in texts which we alas did not find until now the references.
This megalith even failde within sight of its modesty being put at the discharge at the time of road works specified us one living Theix, but thanks to the intervention of volontary people, it found its place habituelle close to the entry of the cemetery.
menhir of Theix
general view
menhir of Theix
closer view
menhir of Theix
view of the crosses


The national road 89 in Theix

of the beginning
of the XXth


Dairies of Theix

The first diary was what of the castle, two others made it competition, that of family TOURY and that named Laiterie of the mountain. The latter was just behind current bakery. When the legislation imposed the pasteurization of milk, it used a very artisanal process : the cooling in the brook Auzon. One heated beforehand milk in cans then one abruptly immersed them in the brook to carry out pasteurization.

The dairy of the castle, "more modern", used a specific apparatus as one can see it on the postcard praising the quality of his milk.

* [ see analysis of the postcard of the dairy of the castle ] *


The chair

At the southern exit of Theix in direction of Nadaillat, one can see from the road, a large rock which the children had the practice to call "the chair".

The "coursière" (way) of Theix to the borough of Saint-Genès-Champanelle

Close to the pharmacy of Theix, an attentive observer would have noticed a narrow passage of approximately one meter, wedged between two nettings which leaves in direction the ponds the castle. It acts of the departure of the "coursière" who allows the inhabitants of Theix, moreover more than one hundred years according to some, to go to foot of their village to the borough of Saint-Genès-Champanelle while reducing to just the distance to traverse, without making the outer loop of the secondary road. The "coursière" crosses the park of the castle while going along the ponds, then the old farm and goes up then, always framed by two barriers, to join the MINOR ROAD52 little after the entry of the I.N.R.A.

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